Friday, April 26, 2013

our family.

We have a medium sized family. A mom, a dad, two boys and two girls. Our oldest (SuperBoy or SB for short) is twelve. Next is Pretty Girl (PG); she's five.  Our sweet yet sometimes tumultuous three year old is BG, our Baby Girl. Our most recent addition, Nugget, is not quite a year old.

SB is an amazing big brother! He loves his younger siblings, but doesn't always want to be reminded to be a good example for them. He enjoys gross jokes and playing video games. Although I think his most favorite activity is reading. Right now he's preparing for his first solo for our church talent show.

PG loves singing. She wants to be a pediatrician and art therapist who helps kids. She has a real desire to figure out what makes kids sick and help them get better and feel better. She's learning how to read and write, but wants to learn more about medicine soon.

BG also loves to sing and dance. She enjoys being silly and having special mommy/daddy time. She likes to help and doesn't like hearing that she's too young or too small for different activities.

Nugget is really starting to show his personality. He has a contagious laugh and loves to play peek-a-boo. He still tends to cling to Mommy (a.k.a. Milk Machine), but he's getting better about staying with other family members.

Hubby works hard at a children's hospital as a media coordinator. Even though he loves working there and supporting kids' health, his dream is to work for himself one day. He is a loving dad and husband who enjoys music, running/working out, and movies. He loves to go barefoot and encourages others to do so also. 

I am a homeschooling mom who used to teach special education. I still have a desire to teach/assist students with special needs, so I write articles about special education for The special needs of my own kids as well as a physical disability that I am learning to live with give me a unique perspective on educating kids with special needs and their families. Singing, crocheting, writing, and spending time with my family give me peace in the midst of the struggles triumphs of parenthood.

All-in-all, we're a pretty happy family. :-D

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